Friday, July 22, 2011

Vitrine Showcase

Succès au chocolat

Succès au chocolat

Same kind of recipes as the so-very-the-famous Macaroons, Le Succes, is so versatile that it also carries many names like : almond fingers, Biscuit Champagne... The preparation is obtained by mixing beaten egg whites until stiff with almonds and sugar.  Excellent when sponged with espresso and introduced with sublime mascapone preparation...YESSS is the so sinful Tiramisu lah! :-P
L'appareil a succes est une preparation obtenue en melangeant a des blancs d'oeufs battus en neige ferme des amandes en poudre et du sucre.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terrine de fromage de chèvre (Goat Cheese Terrine)

Goat Cheese Terrine /de fromage de chèvre
Goat cheese are very VERY smelly for anyone who cannot bare. Even more smelly when is very Old! The only way I would deal with it is to dilute the goodness in a flan preparation and baked it in a cake case which is also called the Terrine (earth ware) ...(mine is metal, no money buy ori! ;-PP)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gratin de pommes de terre à la crème

St Honoré

This Classic French dessert is a circle of puff pastry at its base with a ring of pate a choux piped on the outer edge. After the base is baked small cream puffs are dipped in caramelized sugar and attached side by side on top of the circle of the pate a choux. This base is traditionally filled with creme chiboust and finished with whipped cream using a special St' Honore piping nozzle.

RM 108.00