Friday, August 10, 2012

What should you look for when buying artisan bread?

There are five major criteria to consider when buying a quality bread:

Colour: This deals primarily with the exterior colour of the loaf. The loaf should be evenly baked and exhibit a warm golden colour, much like the wheat from which it is made.

Aroma: Bread should contain the sweet, nutty aroma of wheat. If you detect unnatural aromas resembling ammonia or cleaning agents, these come from dough enhancers and additives.

Weight: The weight of the loaf should be in proportion to its size. An oversized loaf that weighs almost nothing is generally filled with air and has been made with volume increasing dough enhancers or additives.

Crumb: The inside of the loaf should contain numerous irregular holes that are evenly distributed, yet be sturdy enough to hold your favourite toppings or spreads without falling apart.

Flavour: You should taste the nutty flavour of roasted wheat and grains as opposed to the flavours of sugars, eggs or preservatives. When you taste quality bread, it should be enjoyable without anything on it and have a delicious flavour of its own.

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