Friday, June 3, 2011

Pain Brié

Pain Brié or Normandy "Beaten" Bread
Long forgotten, even in France, Pain Brié is a traditional Normandy bread. Its name comes from the pounding of the dough, as "brie" is derived from the Old Norman verb brier, meaning "to pound". The preparation includes a long kneading period and a beating of the dough, which tightens it, producing a heavy, yeasted bread with a tight crumb. Once appreciated by fishermen and seafarers for its long conservation. Bake these days, is an ideal companion for shellfish platters and seafood. Very time consuming and not many bakers in France bakes it and therefore not many Frenchmen even know it.
"Pain traditionnel de Normandie originaire du Bessin, a la croute blonde et a la texture compacte, le pain Brie etait jadis apprecie des pecheurs et des gens de mer pour sa longue conservation. En font, de nos jours, le compagnon ideal des plateaux de coquillages et de fruits de mer."

Norman Bread
is Pain Brié baked in a sandwich tin

Ingredients of Tommy's country Pain Brié:
• Wheat flour • Baker's yeast • Salt • Filter water • Sunflower seed oil • Time •

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