Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Style of Fermentation

•> direct fermentation with yeast
This is the simplest of methods. Yeast is used directly in proportion of 1 to 3% (fresh baker yeast) by weight of the flour. The three mechanical kneading methods (PVL, PI, or PA) can be used, but remember that the intensity of the kneading is decisive for the taste of bread.
(In my bakery: no bread is made in this way)

•> fermented dough pre-fermentation
This method that requires little preparation can reduce the time of bulk fermentation. It is to add in the "petrissée", the overnight dough, at a rate of 200 to 400 g per liter of require water. Fermented dough brings acidity resulting from fermentation, improve the taste of bread and the strength of the "petrissée".
(In my bakery: Pain Brié/Normand Sandwich Bread, Pain au Son/Bran Loaf/Bran Sandwich Loaf)

•> poolish pre-fermentation
It is a process that can extend traditional fermentation time, this time allows the compounds responsible for the taste to be developed. It is characterized by the preparation of a mixture water and flour in equal parts, several hours in advance. The strength of the paste is increased. Breads obtained have a more pleasant taste and a pronounced character without acidity. The crumb is open and irregular.
(In my bakery: Baguette sur Poolish)

•> sourdough pre-fermentation
The course includes sourdough microorganisms acidifying. Fermentation takes place from wild yeasts and bacteria presented in the raw materials used which promotes acid fermentation.
Baking sourdough gives the bread a taste asserts with acidity, a tangy smell and flavor full of characteristics. It provides a crumb that offers more resistance to the jaw, implying a longer chewing.
The sourdough bacteria produces two kinds of acid: lactic acid and acetic acid. Given a temperature and a hydration level, the acidity of sourdough may vary:
- A liquid leaven cultured in a warmer temperature promotes the synthesis of lactic acid and the bread will taste mild acidic.
(In my bakery: Ficelle a l'ancienne/Old-fashioned baguette, J-loaf)
- A paste leaven cultured in a colder temperature promotes the synthesis of acetic acid and the bread will taste more aggressive.
(In my bakery: Pain de Compagne/Country Sourdough)

•> sourdough pre-fermentation + fermented dough pre-fermentation
(In my bakery: Pain Paysan/Farmer Sourdough)

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