Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pain AU sON


Pain Au Son

An intensive, tasty and richly textured wheat bread with a bran content of avg 25%)

Wheat bran is a hard outer layer of the grain and is particularly rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins and dietary minerals. When bran is removed from grains, the grains lose a portion of their nutritional value, as bran is an integral part of whole grain.

Removing bran in order to produce white bread was discovered at the time of Louis XIV, who preferred fine white bread.

To recover the wholeness of wholegrain, bakers reconstituted Pain Au Son by recombining wheat flour and its bran.

Thanks to the bran and its high fiber content, this bread is advice for people with bowel disorders. J

Bran Bread

( Wholemeal Bread)

is Pain Au Son baked in a sandwich tin J

Grinding whole grains in order to make wholegrain flour makes wholemeal products. However, wholemeal bread is not made from whole grain flour… Everyone is used to the word “wholemeal” for the same goodness of Bran.

Ingredients of Tommy’s Pain Au Son:
• Wheat flour • Bran • Baker’s yeast • Salt • Filter water • Time •

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