Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Research And Readings

I am a baker who successfully cultured my sourdough starter with our local milled atta flour in Jalan Ipoh (Indians use it to make their chapati). The reason why I want to make a sourdough bread in Kuala Lumpur because I have been enjoying this kind of bread when I was living in France, with ppl who don't eat rice and noodles! So I was eating bread all the time. However, did every bite reminds me of the bread I have eaten? Non. I remembered every piece of meat I ate, every slice of cheese I nibbled and every sip of wine I took. This insignificant piece of bread on my table elevated my gastronomical experience without stamping its how fine service should be. One day, I located a job working under the roof of Eric Kayser in rue Monge, Paris. I was an apprentice Patissier there and for lunch everyday was to go collect a handful of sourdough breads garnished with butter, crudité (salades) and dry sausages or cold-cuts or tuna for the whole patisserie team.  
>.......................ok ok ok too much of my own story!!! The reason I am writing this post is to bring up a little finding about my customer's reaction to my bread and some relevance reading I have been doing.
A regular french lady customer has been here buying bread on a regular basis. Initially, she didn't uttered a day, she told me : "YOu know what?" I said : "Yes?" "I am allergy to the bread I buy from the regular pre-packed & I don't have any reaction with your bread" she said. "Oh is it?! But I not doctor" and this sends me all over the net to look for answers.  
SO I start to read up and do some findings in the internet. Here are some relevant articles and reports I find in the internet :

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